In the Depths of Lakes, film, 53’, 2014.

In the Depths of Lakes is a documentary film about four Lithuanian lakes. The image of an underwater world is combined with stories and reflections of divers who have emotional relationships with each lake.
Underwater canyons, springs, sunken forests – viewers of the film can see unique natural phenomena and at the same time feel like they are in a time machine. At the bottom of the lakes one can see the most archaic plants and animals, the relief that has not changed for thousands of years. And to quote one of the divers “on the bottom of Asveja lake there were less humans than on the surface of the moon”.

Film was premiered at Vilnius International Film festival Kino Pavasaris in 2014.
It was shown in Vilnius Documentary film festival.
Film got Petras Abukevičius award in 2014