Tinside Lido, video 8’42’’, 2006

Film is based on true stories.
Film is based on imagined stories.
Stories can be true as well as created.
Spectator can imagine a true story as well as the storytellers did.
Spectator can observe movements of the storyteller’s imagination, as this process wasn’t interrupted, or edited.
Tinside Lido therefore is a documentary film.

When I visited Plymouth one place particularly triggered my curiosity. It was deco style swimming pool inside the sea called Tinside Lido. I thought (felt) there should be a lot of stories around this place too. But instead of diving into historical backgrounds of the location, I did the opposite thing. It inspired me to take a closer look at how certain image or place can trigger one’s imagination and more genetaly -to document how imagination works.
So I showed pictures of Tinside Lido to people who’ve never been there and asked to tell me a story about the place. Everybody told me different stories based on their cultural background or personal experience. And while watching the film it is hard to believe that these stories never actually happened. (Or maybe they did?)

Tinside Lido was shown in exhibition Selfobjects and X Baltic triennial, 2006