The exhibition When he touched the moss, power passed through him into the forest and roots of trees turned into the rivers opened in 2018 for project space Sodai in Vilnius. With this project I wanted to create an experiential space with moving images, a photograph and sound. When the viewer entered gallery space the only thing she could see was abstract moving lines, constantly transforming and reminding contours of seas or lakes, embryos, cells, etc. And after eyes got used to the darkness one could see a photograph of a forest.
The photograph was the starting point of the project. It was made on film. When I developed it and printed a picture, right in the middle of it there was a kind of a “ghost”, which was an “accident” of an analog photography printing process. This made me think of the processes invisible to our eyes.The processes that we don’t see, but are influenced by them every second of our existence.
With this project I wanted to create an imaginary space, where for a moment one could see (and feel) the metamorphoses that surround us.