Akvile Anglickaite (b.1982) is a Lithuanian artist working with moving images, photography, sound and installation. Her early photography and video works revealed artist’s documentary approach and embarked themes closely related to gender, identity and socio-economic issues. A notable turn is her practice appears as a result of PhD, which she completed with a dissertation titled Uncertainty in Contemporary Culture. Phenomenon of Photography and work Ocean (2017) – a digitally simulated moving image realistically presenting vast surface of undulating water, Since then, the artists work has focused on the thin line between what is seen and hidden, reality and digital media fiction. The artist creats total installations that evoke the viewers’ sense as well as experiences of space.

Anglickaite graduated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Art’s Photography and Media Department with PhD degree in 2017. Since 2006 she has actively participated in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Her work has been shown at the Contemporary Art Centre, National Gallery, Mo Museum (all in Vilnius), Seul Photography Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, National Center of Photography and images in Taipei (all in 2021-2022). She has presented solo exhibitions, St. John Church (2019, 2020), at YMCA, Jerusalem (2019), attic of st Bernard church (2017) Editorial (2016), Kaire-Desine (2010, 2013, De Appel in Amsterdam (2009). She also won Petras Abukevicius award for the documentary film In the Depth of Lakes in 2014.